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The graFFFest  2013 international street and public art forum will take place on 12-20 July. Synthesis of street art and digital art as the art forms that are built upon the foundations in accessibility, interactivity and openness to a creative dialogue with the audience is the main theme of the forum.
The pinnacle of the forum is the street art cinema program, which is a screening of animated films and video art on a giant screen at the lifted part of the drawbridge in the city centre of Saint-Petersburg.

Conceived by artist Svetlana Petrova, this gigantic media-installation was first carried out in 2007 by the “Multivision” Festival and, as is the case with many other digital compositions, is upgraded every year. This year, it will take place at two points of the globe simultaneously, with the two being connected by a telebridge. This hybrid of 2 physical and one virtual bridges has been called “Multi-Bridge”.

This year will mark the first time when graFFFest takes place in two different countries at the same time via Multi-Bridge. The art forum is a member of the “Netherlands - Russia 2013” official program ; therefore, its main events, namely the “Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg - Amsterdam” on the eve of July 19th and the “Tribute to M. C. Escher” event that will take place between the 12th and 20th of July, - are dedicated to the culture of the Netherlands.

The “Multi-Bridge” event will take place simultaneously on the night of July 19th on the Troitsky bridge in Saint-Petersburg and on the iconic Magere Brug over the Amstel river in Amsterdam. During the event, the competitive program of animated shorts from all over the world will be presented to the wide audience. The films for the competition are selected by the International festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” and its partner – the International Animated Film Festival KLIK! Amsterdam. The “Multi-Bridge” screening will also feature the program of the best Dutch animated shorts and the “Cats and the city” cat viral video competition. Apart from that, the premier of the street-art short films created over the course of the forum will take place. Spectators in Russia and The Netherlands will have an opportunity to see each other live thanks to the telebridge that will connect the screens on the two bridges. In Saint-Petersburg the gigantic, 400m2 screen will dominate the area and will be seen from the Marsovo field, the Letniy (Summer) garden and from the Dvortsovaya (Palace) quay, the expected audience is 30 000. “Multi-Bridge” will be the graFFFest t’s main event.

Another one of the art forum’s innovations - “Tribute to M. C. Escher” - will take place in the “Red Banner” Cultural Centre. During this event, street artists from both countries will paint an industrial chimney in the optical illusion style that made the Dutch painter world-famous. Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is famous for his conceptual works, in which he masterfully explored the plastic aspects of concepts like infinity, symmetry and the psychological perception of three-dimensional objects. The renowned Dutch street-art crew Lastplak will be Multivision’s partner in this venture.
The best masters of street art from Russia and The Netherlands will create their own paradoxical world - the modern vision of the genius artist’s legacy. The 75-meter high chimney with a 1500m2 surface area will become the tallest street-art object in Russia. It will take the artists a week to complete their work. The process will be broadcasted on-line over the whole week.

Apart from that, other fascinating events will be awaiting you. Among them our actions:

•    An Outdoor Street Art Museum. Specially created prints of contemporary artists, traditionally only seen in art galleries, will be showcased on 3 x1.8 m billboards around the city centre.

•    Street art and graffiti master classes. Traditionally, graFFFest invites some of the leading graffiti artists from all over the world for free master classes. This year, the classes will be given by 8 of the most notable artists from the renowned Dutch graffiti crew Lastplak.

•    Laboratory of street art animation. Teams of Russian and Dutch animators are going to create a short film about the adventures of a plasticine character on the streets of Amsterdam and Saint-Petersburg.

The project is realized with the support of: Saint-Petersburg Culture Committee, The Netherlands - Russia Year 2013, The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Russia.
The project by: Multivision Festival Foundation.
Organization partners: “Red Banner” Cultural Centre, International Animated Film Festival KLIK! Amsterdam, Lastplak crew.

Admission is free.



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