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Art Forum Resume

Download graFFFest 2013 press-book featuring photos and press articles (62 MB, pdf)

Hurray! graFFFest 2013 went through: sum it up

Main events of the art-forum – Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam and Metamorphosis 2.0 - Tribute to M. C. Escher - were included in the official program of Netherlands - Russia Year 2013
The pinnacle of graFFFest is its street cinema and video-art program, projected onto a giant screen, which is attached to one side of the erect drawbridge. This enormous media installation, conceived by artist Svetlana Petrova, has held the public interest since it was first presented back in 2007 at the Palace Bridge by Multivision Festival. As with most pieces of digital art are normally being updated, this project is no exception. In 2013 it was embodied in new form, perfectly matching the expectations of our digital era. The installation was simultaneously placed in two different locations on the globe – the Troitsky drawbridge in Saint-Petersburg and the legendary Magere Brug (the Skinny Bridge) in Amsterdam. The screens were then connected via video bridge – so, that audience in Russia and the Netherlands could communicate with one another in real time and share their affection for street-art and animation. The short film and animation program, collected by Multivision Festival and its partner KLIK! Amsterdam festival was simultaneously shown in the two cities. Thus, the drawbridges – iconic architectural landmarks of these two European megapolises - connected the people through a shared experience of art. Such a hybrid of 2 real bridges and a virtual one was named Multi-Bridge.
Multi-Bridge St-Petersburg – Amsterdam at 19-20 July overnight was visited by more than 30 000 spectators. The entrance was free.
This was the night when passion for animation was shared by two cities, two bridges and two festivals. International animation festival KLIK! Amsterdam became the partner of Multivision. Both festivals announced animation movie contest for Amsterdam-Saint-Petersburg project and mutually created “Life and the City” program, that was shown in both cities. On the Russian side of Multi-Bridge a choice of the best Dutch animation films were shown, presented by Eye Film Institute Netherlands, along with best Russian animation from the Russian Association of animation movies and the program of viral internet animations “Cats and the City”. It all ended with a VJ/DJ set from Mikha Voron – Contrforce. The gigantic 400 m2 screen was seen from afar, and 3 powerful video projector (producing impressive 60 000 Lumen together) casted images on it.


The animated films competitions at Multi-Bridge Saint-Petersburg-Amsterdam
The winners of the International competition "Life and the City" were:
Best International film (Eur 500 Prize  from True Scary TV channel)
"My mum is an airplane" Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
"Macropolis" Director:  Joel Simon, UK
Best Russian film
"My mum is an airplane" Director: Yulia Aronova, Russia
Best Dutch film
"Snapshot" Director: Arthur Van Merwijk, Netherlands
The Best  “Cats and the City” animated viral film
"Double Trouble - Simon's Cat" Director:  Simon Tofield, UK
Official selection

 Congratulations for winners! Thanks to all filmmakers that took part in our competitions!

graFFFest 2013 began at 2 July with “The Never-Ending Story, or Vita brevis ars aeterna” exhibition as this year  “Open Air Museum of Street-Art” event.
“Open Air Museum of Street-Art” is the name of the action of graFFFest that promotes main art forum events. The action occupies advertising billboards that become street art media. In 2013 art came out of galleries into the street, replacing advertisement. Residents of Saint-Petersburg could see art works placed on billboards in the city center. Works of famous contemporary artists included Dmitry Shorin, Ivan Plush, Andrey Bartenev, Nikolay Kopeykin, Vasily Lozhkin, Igor Yanovsky, Andrey Khlobystin, Valery Katsuba, Andrey Lublinsky and Svetlana Petrova (  The exposition’s theme was – high art within public ambiance.

graFFFest 2013 granted the city of Saint-Petersburg with a new attraction point – Metamorphosis 2.0 street art object, the painting on 140 meters long wall and industrial chimney.  This piece of art, inspired by Escher’s creative work, is located on the territory of old Red Banner factory architectural complex on the North of the city center. The tallest art object of Russia, its height reaches an impressive 75 meters and is a result of joint work by Dutch Lastplak crew and Russian artists.

One can see the chimney and the wall at the corner of Corpusnaya and Bolshaya Raznochinnay streets.
The following artists contributed to the project Metamorphosis 2.0  - Tribute to Maurits Cornelis Escher.
The Horizontal Axis (wall painting) 
- artists of the famous Dutch Lastplak crew: BoorTorrie, DAS BOOT, MAYB, OX ALiEN, Pinwin, SAKE, STERF, YEN, WAT NOU, along with best Russian masters of street art:  Natasha Floksy, Sy, LuBlue , SNEG, Igor Yanovsky
The Vertical Axis (Painting on the chimney)
- Svetlana Petrova (concept and sketches, website, industrial climbers-painters Victor Fedorchuck, Eugeny «Mars» Danilov (fulfilment)

The chimney:


The wall. To see the scrolling image of the wall please place the cursor at the right field of the photo below: