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Best “Life and the City” short animated film
Competition of the International Art Forum graFFFest 2013, the International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision and the International Animated Film Festival KliK! Amsterdam

The city as modern man environment, urban tribes, urban rites, urban tales; urban jungle - nature 2,0 vs. wild nature; love and the city, art and the city; how city life influence on human behaviour; trends of urban civilization is the theme for the our animated film competition.

The winner will be awarded with the prize 500 euro by TV channel “True Scare TV”.

Members of jury, including directors, animation artists and cultural professionals will choose The Best City Animation.

The Jury:
Konstantin Bronzit, animated film director
Ilya Maximov, animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky, an animated film artist;
Anastasia Kurekhina, director of the Contemporary Art Center named for Sergey Kurekhin;
Elena Kolovskaya, director of Pro Arte Foundation and Nothern-West branch ofthe National Center of Contemporary Art,
Valery Katsuba, photo artist,
Anastasia Lesnikova, the State Hermitage assistant
Annebeth Erdbrink, the Hermitage Amsterdam

Requirements for the films:
Short films: duration max. 10 min. Completed in the last 5 years.
Theme: Life and the City
Techniques: animation of any kind (2D and 3D drawing, stop-motion, wall-painted, etc.), combined with live shooting is allowed.
Films submission format: DVD, Betacam SP, MiniDV, and quality media files sent online, uploaded to ftp.
An application form available here must be sent with the film.
The competition is held under the regulations of the “Multivision” festival.
Submissions for the competition NO LATER than July, 5th

Download the application form

To submit your works
mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Competition of 2012:

Street Art Jam at graFFFest 2012: giant screen on the bridge from Multivision Festival on Vimeo.


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